These 'Off-Road' pages cover the various all-terrain vehicles in my possession.  They are outlined below, but further details of what I've done to them, (both good and bad!) and what they have done for me can be found by clicking on the various links in the left hand side column.
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 The Ultimate 4x4xFar 
LandRover Ser.IIA, 88" SWB, 3.5 V8
Trialing with the West Wales 4x4 Group
Trialing in West Wales
Since 1988 I've run an 88" 1968 Ser.IIA LandRover as my sole form of transport (Transport with Attitude!).  It isn't however, any normal Ser.IIA (if such a beast exists !) but a substantially modified vehicle: 
  • From the outside it looks like a Ser.III, (headlamps in the wings, plastic grille etc.) but on closer inspection, many of the original IIA featuresstill exist - individual wipers, horizontal, i.e. out of reach, handbrake lever etc.
  • From the underside it looks different again.  A modified SD1 3.5 V8 has been connected to a suffix 'D' (half syncro') gear box & transfer box.  An overdrive has also been fitted, along with Rover P5 4.2 differentials.  With 7.50 x 16 (or =nt dia. tyres) this gives me 75 mph @ 3,000 rpm in top overdrive. (...& no she won't rev to 6,000 rpm in top !)
LandRover Ser.IIA, 88" SWB, 2.25 Diesel
Temporary image until I sort a 'proper' one!  A later (1991) purchase of a Ser.II, retrofitted with a 2.25 diesel, showed me that power is nothing if you can't get it into the ground !  'Algy' is a 1963 'A' registered Ser.II diesel LandRover, to which I've fitted an Aeroparts bollard winch, hand throttle, alternator & 7.50x16 dumper tyres.  A PTO unit still is undergoing a re-build to allow Algy to drive a saw bench and pull a powered timber trailer (once I've built one !)
LandRover Ser.IIA, 88" SWB, Coiler Project
A fairly recent (2000) purchase is that of a 1969 'G' registered Ser.IIA 88" SWB.
This is to be re-chassied complete with R/Rover axles and some kind of diesel engine, possibly a GMC V8, possibly a TDi.
Now that's what I call a 'project' !
LandRover Ser.II, 88" SWB, 3.9 V8
Temporary image until I sort a 'proper' one!  The most recent purchase (Feb 2001) is that of a 1958 pre-suffix registered Ser.II 88" SWB.  This is fitted with a 3.9 (allegedly) V8 - ex' R/Rover.  The body is very straight and most tin work is remarkably rust free, it's very original - other than the V8.  Once I've renewed the rear X-member, and uprated the brakes and diff's (they are currently as original !) it should make a handy second vehicle.

Track-Marshall, TM1100 Loader.
Col' The Drott  This small tracked bulldozer (they're all called 'Drotts' in Pembrokeshire - this one's called Col' - don't ask!) was procured several years back.  She has a handy 1ton 4-in-1 bucket, and although she's currently out of service she will make a tidy tool once I've finished sorting her. 

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